Why choose Tundra Technologies Hosting?

With the myriad of budget hosting companies out there, making a decision about where to host your website can be a daunting task!

The way budget hosting companies can make money while offering such low prices is by cramming as many sites as possible on each machine (often well in excess of 1000 sites per server).  The problem with this strategy, is that in a shared hosting environment, the website that cries the loudest, often hogs all the resources, and leaves the other sites running slow, or even off line, and one compromised script, or hacked site, can affect the entire server

At Tundra Technologies Hosting we strongly limit the number of sites per server, so that under normal conditions, the server is just loafing along, and has plenty of power available during times of peak usage.  We also monitor closely all activity on the server, for signs of a website using more than its allocated resources, or for signs of compromised, or compromisable scripts.  This allows us to take action before a problem occurs.

Our servers themselves are powerful, state of the art servers, and are located at one of the largest, most well respected data centers in the country.  Please see our server details page for more information.

At Tundra Technologies Hosting, we also pride ourselves in personal, professional customer support.  Our toll-free sales and support line features a server status recording, as well as access to sales and support. Technical support is on call 24/7 and will respond to an urgent ticket immediately.

The servers are actively monitored 24/7 by support personnel, who in the event of problems, are immediately available for troubleshooting and repair.

We also pride ourselves in server security.  Protecting your data is of extreme importance to us, and we take security seriously.  We also make daily off-server backups, which we can restore free of charge if needed. Please see our server details page for more information on our backup strategy.

Part of our personal service includes listening to, and implementing the suggestions of our clients.  We are always trying to improve our service, and are open to any suggestions you might have. 
As a result of customer requests, we have recently implemented stronger anti-spam measures, and have seen very promising results.

We also offer a free site move service, if you are coming to us from another hosting provider, and f you still have time left on an existing contract, we will extend your account up to 3 month hosting time, if you pay for a year.

Tundra Technologies Hosting has a five year proven track record of offering quality, personal, secure web hosting.

The bottom line is, who do you want to trust your website with?  If you are interested in hosting with us, please contact us, and tell us a little about your website, and your needs, so we can see if your site will be a good fit for our servers.

Thank you for considering Tundra Technologies Hosting!